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Utsukushii Kare (2021)

Seventeen-year-old Hira, who is at the bottom of the class, tries to remain invisible at school, never wanting to open his mouth and expose his stuttering speech to his classmates. He views the world through his camera lens, detached, until one day Kiyoi Sou walks through the classroom door. The impact is instantaneous. Hira finds himself pulled into Kiyoi's gravity, following him everywhere and attending to his every need. Popularity comes easily to beautiful Kiyoi, always surrounded by his classmates. He uses his status to get what he wants, ordering around the boy who stares at him with his big eyes, and seems to worship him like a god. Hira contents himself to merely exist within Kiyoi's orbit, asking for nothing in return

Movie: Utsukushii Kare (2021)

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Duration: 6 Episodes

Release: 2021

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